The current plan for this year:

  • This year we are making changes to how Toy Bank has run in the past to make sure that we are abiding by federal, state, county, and city laws. This year we will have less areas than we have in the past. All arts and crafts, board games, and stuffed animals will be pre-bundled with toys in appropriate age groups to help spread everything out, and to help make sure items are not being touched as much.

  • This year we will not be having a school supplies section, or a bike raffle to make sure that everyone and everything will remain safe. We will also be requiring all who enter the building to wear face masks as well as gloves (gloves will be provided at the door along with face masks for those who need them.)

  • This year we will be spending money on toys for age groups that do not see as many donations.

    • Girls 6-8

    • Girls 9-12

    • Boys 9-12

  • We will also be spending money on cleaning supplies to help protect, and make sure that everything is clean for all who enter the building.

  • We also anticipate larger numbers than ever due to Covid-19, so we are prepared to shop and purchase any toys that we may need above and beyond what is donated this year.