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Information for Registration Parking and Public Parking

Parking Information for Registered Vehicles:

Because of construction at the intersection of Union Road and Golden Hill Road, getting into the show is a little wacky. These directions can help you get to the show and enter the registration line. 

We also would like to stagger the parking times. We are asking for registrants with a last name starting with:

A - G arrive at 9:00am,

H - M arrive at 9:20am,

N - Y arrive at 9:40am

If you want to park together as a group, come as a group. We cannot save spots for cars.

It is also important to know that there is no early exiting.

From North of Paso Robles (and East of Paso Robles), take Highway 46 and exit at Union Road. Turn left at Ardmore Road. (Note: Golden Hill Road is closed and you cannot use it to get to the show venue.)

From South of Paso Robles, Exit the 101 Freeway at Spring Street. Stay on the right and turn right onto Niblick Road bridge. Continue on Niblick and turn left at Creston Road. Turn right at Golden Hill Road. Turn right at Ardmore Road.


Public Parking Information

Same directions as above to get to Daniels Wood Land. There is public parking in the upper lot. Look for the signs. We ask the public to not come earlier than 10am. We are busy parking the show cars until 10am.

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